HOW CRP45 Works

- The Science Behind Healthy Slimming Program -

Cell Renewal Program 45 (CRP 45) is a 45 days weight management program formulated to restore and improve well-being through lifestyle intervention. The program comprise of a hearty eating plan, easy to follow exercise regime and nutritional supplement targeted to reprogram the way your body behave.

Component 1

Nutrition & Hydration

First, we work on your nutritions. We encourage continuous intake of natural food with absolutely no meal replacement, no special meal preparation required. Our body needs the nutrients in order to function the right way. We provide only the best nutrition by using important supplementary products organically certified by organisations including IBD,  CCOf, OTCO, WSDA and more, in supplementing with vitamins and minerals from natural extracts, that are essential in restoring the health of our cells.

Then, it’s Hydration. Human body consists of mainly water, and it’s essential on renewing and restoring our body state. Water help tremendously in cleansing our body first by flushing out the toxins, and together with the nutritions, they work to achieve optimal results.

Our supplements are grown, harvested and processed on organic certified farms.

Component 2


Exercises are important, we all know that. However, many of us quit working out for all kinds of reasons, like laziness, worry about getting injured, or not seeing results and therefore not determined to continue the workouts.

Our exercises are different.

We designed easy to follow moves, customised to ramp up your metabolism rate. Which makes it also suitable for older folks that are not fit for intensive sports. With this, personalise targeted fitness goals are possible. And long term determination is not a dream.

Component 3


Everyone’s body condition is different. While everyone’s fitness goals are different too. 

We customise the ‘recipe’ for different individuals with our personal coaching method that fine-tunes the program every week, for each individuals. Our consultants provide health screening analysis, weight management plan, and body composition monitoring. 


All this while, we have been wondering if there could be a healthy-weight management program that would help people around us improve their health conditions due to diabetes, hypertension and hyperlipidemia (high cholesterol) and yet at the same time benefits from a leaner, slimmer body.

Motivated by the desirable program that could possibly improve the quality of life of many, it was further translated into my final year thesis where a group of 200 subjects were enrolled for a 45 days health management program and followed for 3 months after the last day of the program. The study concluded that the average of the body visceral fat and blood triglycerides of the subjects reduced up to 30%.

Since then, starting from January 2015, the program was subscribed by over 1,000 individuals and is now known as the Cell Renewal Program in 45 days (CRP45). We hope the program will benefit more people around us as it restores health and transforms life, affording everyone a stronger, happier and better life quality.

Macs Lim

Founder & CRP45 Principal Consultant

120, Jalan Maarof, Bangsar,
59000 Kuala Lumpur. Malaysia.

by Macs Lim