Agnes Testimonial

Age: 38, Female
Objective: Weight Loss Solution
Program Period: 25 Oct 2018 – 21 Feb 2019

Total Reduce Figure:
Weight: 75.3kg – 61.6kg (-13.7kg)
Body Fat: 37.4.3 – 32.2 (-13.9%)
V-fat: 11.5 – 6.0 (-47.8%)
Waistline: 106cm – 82cm (-24cm)

I’m a house wife with 4 kids, and I was almost obese with the weight of 75.3kg before I was introduced to start the CRP45 program. In fact, I had been looking for a solution to slim down healthily for many years, and I’m so glad that I met CRP45 program, it helped me to reduce 14kg, and most importantly my visceral fat reduced by 48% and waistline reduced more than 24cm.. It’s amazing! Thanks to CRP45 and the consultants Kim & Loong who patiently coached me through. CRP45 really transformed me into a better, healthier and more confident person now.

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