Chee Chik Eng Testimonial

Gender: Male
Objective: Improve Health
Program Period: 14 Sep 2015 – 13 May 2016

Total Reduce Figure:
Weight: 105.2kg – 85.0kg (-20kg)
Body Fat: 31.4 – 24.6 (-21.6%)
V-fat: 19.5 – 10.5 (-46.2%)
Waistline: 118cm – 101cm (-17cm)
Body Age: 65 – 51 (-14 years)

I’m a housing developer and had been busy in entertaining customers and suppliers all these years. My size got bigger and bigger that my friends call me “big fat” guy. September 2015, I was introduced by my cousin sister Winnie to the CRP45 program, and I decided to start the program as I wish to become healthier after all these years. I’m so glad that I completed the program and it helped me changed my bad habits. I reduced 12kg in my first CRP45 program. Year 2016 April, I started CRP45 program again in 2nd time, I was able to reduce another 8kg, my waistline reduced from 43 inches to 36 inches, my shirt size change from XL to M size. Most importantly, my health issues like sleep apnea with serious snoring problem for many years have been recovered, my serious migraines and headache problem also had been solved and I do not need to rely on medication anymore.

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