Dr.Saw Testimonial

Gender: Male
Objective: Weight Loss Solution
Program Period: 13 Apr 2018 – 14 July 2018

Total Reduce Figure:
Weight: 73.6kg – 78.4kg (-17.6kg)
Body Fat: 30.5 – 20.2 (-33.8%)
V-fat: 24.5 – 14.5 (-40.8%)
Waistline: 112cm – 92cm (-20cm)
Body Age: 66 – 52 (-14 years)

Never ever dreamed of able to fit in size 32 trousers (from size 38-40) and size M shirt (from XL/XXL) again in my lifetime. Most importantly, blood test results showed all indicators have reverted from critical conditions to normal healthy level. At the beginning of the programme, doubts and thoughts of impossibilities crept in. Self discipline and perseverance are the most important factors to overcome these. It’s best if the loved ones or friends are participating together in the programme, with the mutual encouragement and constructive competition, the effect would be more synergistic. Much appreciate the Mr.Macs’s stringent requirements and the motivation from the love one.

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