Frequently Asked Questions

CRP 45 (Cell Renewal Program 45) is a 45 days healthy weight management program formulated to restore and improve well-being through lifestyle intervention. The program comprise of a hearty eating plan, easy to follow exercise regime and nutritional supplement targeted to reprogram the way your body behave. Most importantly, it is a personalize weight management program that special custom make for you.

We will customise a diet plan, exercise plan and supplementation plan for you base on your medical report and body composition results, and our certified CRP45 consultant will coach you through during the 45 days.

No, in fact the coaching program is not only coached and meet by our consultant daily and weekly through out the 45 days, we will also meet you monthly for 3 more months to follow up on your progress after you’ve completed the 45 days program. We will coach you 4.5 month in total for the whole program to make sure that you are achieving the targeted results.

No, it’s not a meal replacement program and we want you to eat real food in your 3 meals daily.

No, our specially designed exercise regime is very easy to follow, you can do it even at home. But if you would like to go to the gym for work out, it’s allowed to do so after having consulted our consultant.

The price varies and is based on individual needs, it’s ranging from RM4800 to RM8800. It includes coaching fees for the total of 4.5 months consultation by our certified CRP45 consultant, supplementation and the start up miscellaneous fees.

Firstly, we are a result orientated healthy weight management program, which had already proven by 1000 and above sample size. Yet the results are sustainable. Our program is designed to trim your excessive body fat and maintain your muscle.

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