Joe Chin Testimonial

Age: 40, Male
Objective: Reduce Body Fat
Program Period: 16 Mar 2015 – 30 Apr 2015

Total Reduce Figure:
Weight: 73.6kg – 67.7kg (-5.9kg)
Body Fat: 18.3 – 13.9 (-24%)
V-fat: 8.5 – 6.5 (-23.5%)
Waistline: 89cm – 80cm (-9cm)

Even before I started CRP45 in 2015, I already started working out for two year. Even-though I could tell that my body was becoming more built-up, my waistline and body fat were still bothering me. I believe this was because there wasn’t a right eating guideline going along the fitness program, I assume this is also the problem facing by many people like me. I thank Mr.Macs Lim for his CRP45 health Management Program, in just 45 days after I started following the program, my body fat dropped from 18% to 13.9%. My waistline also reduced by 9cm, making the muscles I started building since 2015 easily noticeable. These are the results that are not achievable no matter how hard I tried. Most importantly, now that it’s been two years coming to the third year, I am still in shape just like 2 years ago. I strong recommend CRP45 Health Management Program, because I didn’t have to starve, nor using medications, yet achieving the ideal outcome that I dreamt of achieving in just 45 days.

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