Pang Wei Sun Testimonial

Age: 24 y/o, Female
Objective: Effective Weight Loss 
Program Period: 16 Mar 2015 – 10 July 2015

Total Reduce Figure:
Weight: 79.8kg – 63kg (-16.8kg)
Body Fat: 316.9 – 24 (-34.9%)
V-fat: 10.5 – 5.0 (-52.4%)
Waistline: 96cm – 75cm (-21cm)

Before I joined the CRP45 program, I never think that overweight was a problem for me as I am still young. I was always look fat since I was small and all my family members also look fat, and I thought that it’s because of the family DNA and I cannot do anything. Luckily that my parents encouraged me to join the CRP45 program, and because of that I was able to reduce 16.8kg of my weight and reduced 21cm in my waistline which I had never thought possible before this.

Thanks to my consultant who has taught me a lot of right concept and right method on how to intake the diet and do the right exercise that really fit me. I really appreciate all the precious health knowledge. Thanks to CRP45 program, it was not only help me to slim down but transformed me into a more confidence person.

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