Peggy Chua Testimonial

Age: 34 y/o, Female
Objective: Reduce Waist Line 
Program Period: 8 Jan 2015 – 24 June 2015

Total Reduce Figure:
Weight: 58.1kg – 52.3kg (-5.8kg)
Body Fat: 31.0 – 25.7 (-17.1%)
V-fat: 4.0 – 2.5 (-50%)
Waistline: 97cm – 78cm (-19.5cm)
Body Age: 88.5cm – 70.5cm (-18 yrs)

I am a mother of two kids. My lower body weight problem always concerning me after I gave birth to my second child. I always wears a loose garment to cover up my belly and hips. It become worse when I had a constant constipation problem. Due to all these problems I lost my self confidence. Three years ago, my cousin, Joyce introduced me to a 45days wellness program which completely changed my life. I managed to reduce my waist figure by 15cm in 45 days. Since then my constipation problem has resolved and I felt much healthier. Thanks to CRP45, for that I get back my confidence and the body figure I ever dreamt for. Thanks to Mr. Macs and Joyce, as well as the consultants for their guidance.

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