Tony Low Testimonial

Age: 38, Male
Objective: Weight Loss & Lower Blood Sugar / Blood Pressure / Cholesterol level
Program Period: 14 May 2015 – 27 June 2015

Total Reduce Figure:
Weight: 78.4kg – 66.0kg (-12.4kg)
Body Fat: 23.8 – 21.4 (-10.1%)
V-fat: 10.5 – 6.0 (-42.8%)
Waistline: 88.9cm – 76.2cm (-12.7cm)
Body Age: 46 – 35 (-11 years)

First of all, I would like to thanks Mr.Macs who designed this amazing health program – CRP45. In the beginning, I know I was fat, but I don’t really care about it, until I did a medical check report as I wanted to tried the CRP45 health program, I found that my cholesterol profile and blood sugar were elevated. I made a decision to take this opportunity to ‘overhaul’ my body since i have not done anything to maintain my body all these years. Out of my expectation, I lost 5kg within first 7 days of the program, it make me so surprised, and then I lost 12.4kg after 6weeks. This result shocked me totally. I can’t believe that my waistline reduced from 36 inches to 30 inches, my shirts size reduce from XL to S size. Most importantly, my blood test report shown that my elevated cholesterol reduced 37% and back to normal, elevated blood sugar reduced 23% and back to normal, blood pressure also back to normal. CRP45 is the best gift to me before 40th year old.

Thank you so much to CRP45 and team.

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