Winnie Chee Testimonial

Age: 45 y/o, Female
Objective: Reduce Thigh Size 
Program Period: 5 Jan 2015 – 1 May 2015

Total Reduce Figure:
Weight: 63.8kg – 56.2kg (-7.6kg)
Body Fat: 34.0 – 28 (-17.6%)
V-fat: 6.0 – 3.5 (-41.6%)
Waistline: 87cm – 75cm (-12cm)
Thigh Size: 61cm – 50cm (-11cm)

Before I joined CRP45 program, I was getting bigger and bigger size even though I only eat a little, probably because of my habit of eating junk food and inactivity. After the 45 days program, I managed to lose 12cm in my waistline and total of 22cm of my both big thigh. I’m so glad that I can wear the beautiful dresses and pants that I like now.

I joined the CRP45 program in year 2015, even 4 years after the program now, I am still in good body shape without any rebound. Thanks to CRP45!

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