Yong Lee Keen Testimonial

Age: 49 y/o, Female
Objective: Weight Loss Solution (with sustainable result) 
Program Period: 31 Mar 2015 – 15 Feb 2015

Total Reduce Figure:
Weight: 72.8kg – 53.4kg (-19.4kg)
Body Fat: 38.0 – 27.4 (-27.9%)
V-fat: 11.0 – 3.5 (-68.2%)
Waistline: 105cm – 73cm (-32cm)
Body Age: 62 – 44 (-22 years)

I joined CRP45 program because of my cousin- Winnie, who joined the program and slim down healthily with the beautiful skin complexion. In fact, I have started getting overweight since I was young. After delivered my 2 kids, the situation got worse, I was always being asked by my friends: “Are you getting pregnant again?”. My big tummy often made others confused… I was also been diagnosed and advised by doctor to start take medication for my high blood pressure and high cholesterol issues.

I’m so glad that I joined CRP45. In the first 45 days, I was able to reduce 16.4kg, and 3 months later, my total reduction in waistline was 32cm! Can you imagine that? Most importantly, my blood pressure and cholesterol level became normal and I discontinued medication since then. Can you imagine how amazing is the program? It has truly transformed my life and restored my health!

I’m very grateful to Mr.Macs who have designed CRP45 program, and the team who have coached me through the process. Thank you!

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