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All this while, we have been wondering if there could be a healthy-weight management program that would help people around us improve their health conditions due to diabetes, hypertension and hyperlipidemia (high cholesterol) and yet at the same time benefits from a leaner, slimmer body.

Motivated by the desirable program that could possibly improve the quality of life of many, it was further translated into my final year thesis where a group of 200 subjects were enrolled for a 45 days health management program and followed for 3 months after the last day of the program. The study concluded that the average of the body visceral fat and blood triglycerides of the subjects reduced up to 30%.

Since then, starting from January 2015, the program was subscribed by over 1,000 individuals and is now known as the Cell Renewal Program in 45 days (CRP45). We hope the program will benefit more people around us as it restores health and transforms life, affording everyone a stronger, happier and better life quality.

一直以来,很希望有一种健康管理计划可以在较短的时间内帮助身边的朋友有效的调理三高问题 (高血压、高血糖、高血脂),同时也可以帮助想要瘦身的人减脂增肌塑造身型。后来因选写科学论文,我们设计出一套45天的体重管理计划。经超过200人的参与测试,並在45天后持续追踪3个月,我们的研究获得了令人兴奋的数据,这项45天的健康体重管理计划显示能有效的降低内脏脂肪和三酯甘油高达30%。

2015年1月至今,(到目前为止) 我们已拥有超过1000人成功参与这项计划。因此我们正式把此项健康管理计划命名为《CRP45》,並希望帮助更多的人找回健康,让生命变得更好。

Macs Lim
CRP45 Founder

CRP 45 Results


10cm Waistline Reduction


30% Visceral Fat Reduction


30% Triglycerides Reduction


21% LDL Reduction


20% Body Fat

Why CRP 45 ?

Why are we different ?

Scientifically proven to lower and normalize body cholesterol, blood pressure and blood sugar

Results-oriented improvement in overall body composition profile

Sustainable Results even after the program as participants are educated with real knowledge to sustain their health

Who would love CRP 45 ?

Overweight, Obese

High Cholesterol, High Blood Pressure, High Blood Sugar(Diabetic)

Lifestyle Design - Body Shaping
Optimal body composition, Fit and Lean, Curves, Trim and Fit

How CRP 45 Works ?


1) Continuous intake of natural food - No meal replacement, no special meal preparation required

2) Supplementing with vitamins and minerals from natural extract - grown, harvest and processed on organic certified farms

3) Hydration


1) Easy to follow moves

2) Customised to ramp up your metabolism rate

3) Personalised to achieve targeted fitness goal


1) Personal coaching

2) Weight management plan

3) Health screening analysis

4) Body composition monitoring

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